Loss of features -GC 11

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Loss of features -GC 11

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Running GC 11 on Mac mini (Mac OS 11.6.7) -
GC no longer keeps window size when scrolling from image to image, tends to get smaller instead of remaining at selected window size. Also, image disappears and must be “scrolled up” to bring into view.

Additional problem: When doing basic resize and adding borders - none of the changes in size, resolution or new border are saved. This feature used to be so valuable to me. Not even copy-paste changes are saved. (I can still create a new image from clipboard so it isn’t a clipboard issue).

Yes, I use the "Save - Next" button and sometimes try just "Save" but neither of those things actually saves any changes.
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Re: Loss of features -GC 11

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I did not change anything in the mentioned areas.

Did you try to trash the prefs with our First Aid tool?

Do you use the Mac App Store or the normal version?