Can't open files in "Convert and Modify"

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Can't open files in "Convert and Modify"

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I've updated to Graphic Converter 11.6.2 (5538), and using Big Sur.

I want to batch convert a folder of TIFs into jpgs. I open the "Convert and Modify" batch conversion module, and select the "From" folder which only has TIF files in it. All the TIF files are all greyed out and not selectable. When I look around at other file picture formats, none of them are selectable from the batch convert "From" menu. If I look from the main GraphicConverter "File" menu, I can select and open any graphic files. Disk permissions have been addressed.

I tried dragging & dropping the folders and individual files into the batch conversion window. Nothing opens for me in the batch conversion menu like it used to.

Is there a new way to open files in batch conversion? Is this a bug of the new update?

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Re: Can't open files in "Convert and Modify"

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Did you select Convert as function?

BTW: I suggest to use the Browser for batch conversion.

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