Custom Metadata

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Custom Metadata

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I have scanned a lot of old family photos. I created standardized descriptors to communicate information to my family about the images.

1. Date Status – how I assigned the data to the image. Values equal Documented (date is known or documented), Timeframe (date set to align with related images), Image Developed, or Guessed (my best guess).

2. Place Status – how I assigned the place to the image. Values equal Documented (place is known or documented), Guessed (my best guess), or Unknown.

3. Owner – the individual that now owns the hard copy of the original.

4. Source – identifies whether the original was a photo, negative or slide.

I originally put this information in the Keywords, but it has occurred to me that it would be better to embed this information in separate fields in the metadata, if that would be possible. Open to any suggestions. Thanks.
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Re: Custom Metadata

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Just select a file in the GraphicConverter browser.
Select command + i.

That shows all supported IPTC/XMP fields.

So, there are a lot of fields which can be used.