PNG: ImageOptim performance + File format specific options are not separate for editor and quick conversion

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PNG: ImageOptim performance + File format specific options are not separate for editor and quick conversion

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1) GraphicConverter > Preferences Save > General > Wait until ImageOptim has finished (if enabled)

Is this actually "Block UI until ImageOptim has finished (if enabled)" ? This is what I experienced.

b) If I disable this what are the consequences?
Edit image, save it, as soon as saving into the disk/memory representation which GC can export, GC hands that over to ImageOptim, and releases its own memory representation again to the user, and the UI is not blocked anymore.
b1) Do I get a non-blocking progress indication of ImageOptim anywhere? Maybe relevant for reassuring or knowing when to go to Finder to then use/share this file further.
b2) As a user I win from this as I am able to do some further manipulations quickly, without being blocked too long.
The only potential downside: I want to save again, but ImageOptim is not done yet. Also this is not a real issue as I see it: GC could send an abort signal to ImageOptim's original saving instance as it has become obsolete anyhow. GC does a new internal save from the current image/composition, and then hands that save over to ImageOptim again, to run a new save instance.

2) Something of ImageOptim seems to perform significantly worse with increasing image dimensions.

Image A being ca 1 MP and saving takes 5 secs max.
Image B being ca 16 MP and saving takes not 16 times more (~90secs) but more like 5 minutes (ca 50 times more).
I do not have any exact metrics, but looked at the clock, and that was circa the impression.

Can it be that some of the options of ImageOptim increase exponentially and not linearly with increasing image dimensions?
Could you make the ImageOptim parameters available in the GC UI ?

3) I discovered that format specific options are universal in GC -- not different per "Editor Saving" and "Conversion Menu"

If I am making manipulations in PNGs in the editor, then I'd prefer to work with ImageOptim disabled or set to less demanding options (Brotli is very computation intensive) so that I can save and continue working without waiting more than a few secs. When doing my final export to the web, which can run unattended in batch, then ofc I want the maximum compression, and don't mind letting my computer work for some time.

The PNG format options are accessible both from the Editor via the "Options" button in the toolbar and from the Browser in its toolbar in the conversion menu > Options > Of selected format… When you change it one place, it's changed in the other place too. Hence universal.

So depending on which working mode I consider myself to be working in, I need to en/dis-able the ImageOptim setting for PNGs. Because it is not a different setting per the editor and the conversion menu. But one universal for both working modes.
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