Missing option from the manual

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Missing option from the manual

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I have ImageOptim installed and would like to use the following from the manual
In the Preferences / Save / General you can select Specific Format Options: Post- process PNGs, JPGs, GIFs with ImageOptim to shrink the file size of the named for- mats after saving. Unnecessary color profiles and junk metadata are deleted and com- pression parameters get optimized without sacrificing quality. To be able to use this option you need to install the program ImageOptim which you can download from https://imageoptim.com.
However, my menu doesn't have this post-processing option, it only has the "Wait until ImageOptim..." at the end
Menu without post-process
Menu without post-process
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Re: Missing option from the manual

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I just call ImageOptim.

Simple launch ImageOptim manually and make your settings.