Replace phpBB with something more convenient

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Replace phpBB with something more convenient

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I know this is a big ask, but have you thought about upgrading the forum to something more convenient?

The biggest issue is the lack of live preview, which completely breaks my conveniently automate-the-markup workflow
For example, I currently have a plugin for a text editor that allows me instead of manually inserting the inconvenient BBCode markup code

Code: Select all

↑↑↑ this is way too many special characters for one of the most common markup, it's 5 pinky keys!
to use a shortcut like ⌘B for bold (by the way, other forums can do that even within the website's text editor, so you don't need to use any plugins to achieve the same level of convenience) and then another plugin that allows me to use this text editor on this forum's text boxes.
So far so good, I don't need to worry too much about learning the BBCode syntax, but continue using my universal shortcuts
But then whenever I click "Preview" the forum reloads the page, which breaks everything :(
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