[Wontdo] Browser: single alpha-key for navigation

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[Wontdo] Browser: single alpha-key for navigation

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I've discovered that you can use single-key keybinds for navigation in the Editor (for example, use the most convenient home row keys J and K to switch to the Previous/Next image)

I'd like to be able to achieve the same in the Browser (with an extra left/right) so that I wouldn't have to move my hand to the cursor keys to change selection

But I couldn't find any way to bind move left/right/up/down/page down/up (with cursor, not like currently when only the view moves, but then moving the cursor shifts you back) in the Browser
Would you please add these commands to allow binding them to alternative cursor (it would be great if these also did NOT reset the arrow key bindings as those are still useful sometimes)
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Re: Browser: single alpha-key for navigation

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The alpha-keys are used in the browser to select an image.
You can i.e. type samp and the first document in the browser which begins with samp will be selected.
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