[Closed] Updating warning

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[Closed] Updating warning

Post by designer »

You should warn your customers that they will need their old registration code in order to upgrade to a new, paid, version. For example, I installed Version 12 and then deleted Version 11 before I even launched 12. I had my NEW registration code; what else would I need. But it took more word to hunt up the old code.

Your software says it will detect the old version - but not if I delete it first. Had I known, had you said FIRST install the new version THEN register it BEFORE you delete the old version, it would have gone a lot smoother.

Also - this two-factor authentication is becoming a comedic joke. Customers are asked to sit by their computer, pushing "Get Mail" over and over again to assure they get the verification as soon as possible; because, if they go on with their own lives and fold the laundry or something, by the time they see the verification in their email, the authentication has timed out and they have to go through the whole mess again.

To Your Credit - your verification did not include entering a code and was still active when I checked the email again after lunch. But please don't go any further down that road.
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Re: Updating warning

Post by forum_adm »

GraphicConverter requires the old version installed normally only if the V11 was the Mac App Store version.

The credit card verification is provided by your bank. So, any delay is an issue of your bank.
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Re: Updating warning

Post by PakkyT »

@designer, every time you buy CG you get emailed the registration code. Save those and you can pull the old registration when installing a new version. That is how I did it when i clean installed my Mac OS and bought the new v12. Clearly no old version installed with a clean install, but I had my old v11 purchase registration email saved so it was easy to pull up and cut and paste into v12.