[Solved] Including hatching in a group?

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[Solved] Including hatching in a group?

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I'm trying to make a simple filled rectangle as a group, that I can move as a group, and duplicate as a group.

I can't seem to get this to work. After creating the rectangle, I use the hatch tool for the fill I want.

Then I go to group and either do it by using a window, or selecting individual elements (the 4 borders and the fill). The group contents end up as just the fill. Get the same result if I group the bounding lines, and then apply the fill.

Is this possible? Been through the help documentation, failed to find any clues.
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Re: Including hatching in a group?

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after the square has been hatched create a group, e.g. with the command "Create group with window", then enter a number, e.g. 10, and the group is created.
With "Move dealta X and Y" only one element needs to be selected, then enter the number of copies (0= no copy, 1= copy once etc.), then enter G for group (E= only this one element, G= whole group). Finally enter the delta X and Y values, here x=100 and y=0.
The group 10 is duplicated and shifted by 100 mm in X direction.

You find a short video here: https://www.lemkesoft.info/forum_movies ... _group.mp4.