Normalization of images within series - Image content stabilization if image content has X/Y offset

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Normalization of images within series - Image content stabilization if image content has X/Y offset

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What I'm proposing for images in a series is called image stabilization in video production.

I often create a series of screenshots or mockups.
Despite good care, quite commonly in some images of the series I moved the image frame and/or the objects of interest, a few pixels on the X-axis and/or Y-axis. And if you go through the series in a presentation you then have jittering which is quite disturbing.

It would be great if there is a feature which can do image stabilization in such an image series and lets you decide the normalization method:
1) crop the images
2) add margin to images
3) leave image dimensions unchanged and only move image content on top of a transparent background or a monotone background color (if same on all 4 edges).

And do all this:

I) fully automatic (maybe possible with Apple's latest visual AI functions? or some rudimentary image stabilization library (no zoom, no rotation, only pixel offset on x/y-axis).

II) Semi automatically
• You step through the image series
• Per each image you have these choices:
a) Skip image (it is ok as-is)
b) With a crosshair mark the significant pixel (this is the reference point which exists in all images).
When the the last image, and you have your method (1-3) chosen, GraphicConverter processes all files of the series.
After that you have a normalized image series (no more jittering of the image content).
c) Alternative workflow to B could be to extend existing functionality a bit:
c1) ✅ Keyboard shortcut to prev/next image
c2) ✅ Move content up/down (on top of transparent bg-pixels) or on solid bg-pixels with Add/Remove Border (-1 on top and +1 on bottom plus fill in bg-color to move image content 1 pixel up).
c3) 💡 Quick method to overlay prev/next image as your reference.
c4) 💡 Or possibility to continue going to prev/next images but keep the unsaved changes in all images in memory, and only at the very end, when everything is ok, persist the changes to all images.