GraphicConverter 11 has arrived and comes with a host of useful new functions.

GraphicConverter is still the easy-to-use image editor that offers a range of capabilities no other program can offer.

Indeed, GraphicConverter has over 1.5 million users across the world. GraphicConverter fully supports macOS Mojave, which more and more Mac users are switching to.

Record and Save Macros

If you find yourself using and reusing certain functions repeatedly, you can now save time by easily recording those steps so they can later be applied to other files.

RAW Images

RAW images are much easier to edit. That’s particularly noticeable when brightening images with the Exposure slider – images remain clear, with no gray haze as with many JPEG images. When opening RAW files, you can control exposure, contrast, and color correction. You can even reduce picture noise with six different controllers.

Unpack Archives

Want to know what pictures and documents are contained in an archive file? A double-click is all you need: GraphicConverter temporarily reveals its contents (or re-locks those contents for you). Because this is GraphicConverter, we support every archive format under the sun – not just Zip but a dozen others, including TAR and TGZ.

Wide Equalization

In wide-angle shooting, faces and objects on the left and right edges of the image are often heavily elongated or scrunched. With the new wide-angle equalization function in GraphicConverter 11, you can now reduce this distortion.


Do you need a gradient, like for a background in a collage? No problem. Easily create color gradients with up to 10 colors.


Tint your shots with two colors, turning them into duotone images for an enchanted look. GraphicConverter can tint lighter shades in one color and darker shades in a different color.

Apple Finder Tags

Do you organize your work with Finder tags? Then your work will be even easier, because in GraphicConverter’s browser you can now use the context menu to directly display and change these tags.

Buy now at a special upgrade price!

As a licensed user you can always order the upgrade from our website or via FastSpring at a special price of $25.95 (U.S.).
The Mac App Store supports no upgrades. So, the Mac App Store price is $39.99 (U.S.).

I hope you enjoy using GraphicConverter 11!


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