CADintosh 8.6.3 (build 539), September 1, 2021
for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs with 10.9 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 8.x, paid upgrade for customers of version 7.x or older)

New features

  • export of information area as xlsx
  • layer: layer attributes: export of layers as xlsx
  • symbol: symbol list: export of symbol list as xlsx
  • file menu: support for multiple templates
  • edit: utilities: set scale after import without resize
  • abacus symbol behind a text field indicates the option of math calculations
  • optional architecture dimension text display
  • multipage print into PDF
  • delete all print areas
  • options: display: adjustable line style scale

Updates features

  • DXF/DWG import improved (native support of Apple Silicon)
  • improved accuracy of text frame and position
  • adjusted minimum window size
  • improved copy/paste tool
  • printing and export quality of material patterns improved
  • store modified symbol after editing with a new name
  • hpgl export
  • dxf/dwg import of nested symbol much improved
  • German and English manuals and introductions

Bug fixes

  • fixed a possible crash during find and replace of layers
  • fixed click issue with symbol table
  • fixed wrong extension upon saving visible drawing as DWG