CADintosh 8.8 (build 627), March 25, 2022
for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs with 10.11 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 8.x, paid upgrade for customers of version 7.x or older)

New features

  • transform: rescale non-proportional
  • Cubic Bezier lines
  • Import of PDF with extraction of elements

Updates features

  • size of some dialogs
  • rename option in edit print edit
  • layer attributes: option to show only used layers
  • updated to Sparkle 2
  • system requirements changed to macOS 10.11 up to macOS 12 (Monterey)
  • DXF/DWG export
  • moved access to DXF/DWG/IGES/Holes options to the save panel
  • moved editing x-line type/marker into edit attributes
  • moved editing hatching attributes into edit attributes
  • added individual marker sizes to lines
  • line point to point in freehand mode: second click with shift key draws vertical/horizontal line
  • fractions display in info window can be set to zero

Bug fixes

  • auto catch issue within duplicate symbols
  • symbol library sorting issue fixed upon adding a symbol
  • possible wrong command line instructions after changing tool with the menu or context menu
  • possible crash during customization of the touchbar fixed
  • fixed catching issue of lines/arcs within symbols if x- and y-factor are different
  • fixed issue of drawing arcs in symbols with different x and y scales