GraphicConverter 10.1.0 (build 2589), July 29, 2016

for Intel Macs with 10.9 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 10.x)


  • The download is possible directly from this dialog.
  • The new version is also available in the download area of The download will be much faster there due to the available mirror servers.

New features

  • remove XMP Document Ancestors list
  • added dehaze filter
  • save as png option added to alert during saving if image contains an alpha channel
  • sort into subfolder "Date YYYY-MM-DD (flat)" added
  • added preference to hide tool menus
  • new function in convert&modify: set IPTC/XMP keywords from folder names
  • new function in convert&modify: set iptc/xmp data from an xmp file
  • added optional display of autofocus points and subject area
  • added Auto Color batch
  • pressed command key during launch clears recent browser and documents list
  • look with LUT (supported LUTs: cube, 3dl, mga, dat, lut, xml, 3dmesh)
  • autoreplace feature during manual rename in browser with autoreplace.txt file stored at ~/Library/Application Support/GraphicConverter/Autoreplace
  • new context menu entry in the browser: show in new browser (useful for search results and flat view)
  • import of Image System IG4 added
  • context menu entry to delete old EXIF Window XP metadata tags

Updates features

  • updated German localization
  • updated Danish localization
  • updated French localization
  • updated Czech localization
  • updated Japanese localization
  • updated Chinese localization
  • xmp:MetadataDate and xmp:ModifyDate will be updated upon saving if properties existing
  • GC9 actions will be copied for usage by GC10 at the first launch
  • scale to main desktop size supports with and w/o borders
  • improved display of thumbnails from afphoto files
  • added suppression option to wrong color profile space warning
  • updated ExifTool
  • removed support for because service was closed now
  • improved prefs part browser/edit metadata
  • improved print catalog dialog
  • performance fast preview in browser much improved
  • option to use for inverse geocoding
  • handling of bad characters during file rename process
  • added note upon saving images with faces with xmp saving disabled
  • add page to pdf for single page pdfs
  • overwrite in place save option (for special server volume permission settings)
  • larger toolbox with all tools directly visible on larger screens
  • pref to force always copy for drag and drop in the browser
  • removed obsolete set creator preference

Bug fixes

  • wrong display of images with exif rotation value=6 in Photos extension fixed
  • fixed possible numbering issue of some pdf page labels
  • fixed German translation issues
  • fixed crash of edit faces and e-mail dialog on 10.9
  • fixed crash with a special xcf file variant
  • fixed automatic display of toolbar during slideshow of movies
  • fixed issue with some movies
  • fixed XPM import issue with unusual color kind order
  • fixed crash upon opening large Photoshop pat file
  • fixed missing batches in the script menu
  • fixed possible crash during editing maximum steps in the prefs part general/memory
  • fixed naming issue in Cocooner
  • fixed GPX export issue
  • fixed bug in conversion of rotated live movie to gif animation
  • fixed crash upon opening large CMYK TIF which requires more than 8GB of memory
  • fixed bug with Photos Xe8472 extension during editing RAWs