GraphicConverter 10.5.3 (build 2949), December 20, 2017

for Intel Macs with 10.9 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 10.x)


  • You can download the update right from this dialogue.
  • The new version is also available in the download area of The download will be much faster there due to the available mirror servers.

New features

  • browser: sort by pixel size (count)
  • batch action: adjust for web
  • import hpgl: option to set background transparent
  • import general: option to ignore/remove alpha channel
  • menu: added full screen (2 pages)
  • import: heic import on 10.9 to 10.12 with helper tool

Updated features

  • collage: improved message upon unsaved changes
  • Japanese, French, Danish localization
  • Prefs Save/Resource
  • improved export speed of dds with dxt1 or dxt5 compression
  • import: added support for import of webp files w/o correct extension
  • applescript: window property browser selected items
  • import dds: added support for DXT10 header and BC7 compression
  • improved layer support (drag and drop of files, context menu)
  • browser metadata: added option to support writing directly into RAWs
  • file info dialog: added Open w/o overwrite
  • updated exiftool
  • collage: A3 portrait and landscape presets
  • new image: A3 portrait and landscape presets
  • import: heic import on 10.13 improved (Exif data and ICC profile)
  • preferences general/window content: 200% option for retina

Bug fixes

  • fixed a possible issue with ImageOptim during batch conversion
  • fixed possible issue during html catalog export
  • fixed stepper issue in the rename dialog
  • fixes catalog issues
  • fixes bug during loading xmp file with umlauts
  • fixed bug during saving grayscale hdr file as TIFF
  • fixed bug with negative offset in browser/change file date dialog
  • fixed bug with 16 bit per channel import with libraw
  • fixed an issue with iptc editing with only Japanese characters