GraphicConverter 10.6.8 (build 3327), January 21, 2019

for Intel Macs with 10.9 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 10.x)


  • You can download the update right from this dialogue.
  • The new version is also available in the download area of The download will be much faster there due to the available mirror servers.

New features

  • browser context menu item to copy labels from JPEGs to associated PhotoRAWs
  • hqx upscaling of pixel art

Updated features

  • localization
  • browser context menu: combine options
  • sorting of edges and frames
  • sorting of stored actions in the browser popup
  • prefs browser/thumbnails path display option
  • additional crop method after rotation
  • Windows icon export uses now PNG compression for 256x256 icon
  • Windows icon import with optional template view
  • libRAW
  • moved setting of default color profile from the edit menu to the prefs part open(color profiles)
  • optimized Exif parsing of HEICs and JPEGs in the browser
  • added calibrate 1 pixel to the calibrate popup
  • option to change predefined light and dark browser colors
  • improved structure of effect menu
  • improved set Exif date dialog

Bug fixes

  • display glitch of comment area of the information palette in dark mode
  • display glitch of the edit field of the edit faces dialog in dark mode
  • possible wrong rotated RAF previews in the browser
  • fixed bug during import of packbits compressed TIFFs with more than 2GB file size
  • fixed issue with setting file creation/modification date to exif date on Synology NAS drives
  • fixed issue with rename with index during a batch action