GraphicConverter 11.2.2 (build 4491), August 4, 2020

for Intel Macs with 10.9 or later
(free update for all licensed customers of version 11.x)


  • You can download the update right from this dialogue.
  • The new version is also available in the download area of The download will be much faster there due to the available mirror servers.

New features

  • Select every Nth item in the browser
  • Browser: Metadata: Remove keywords, rating, label and tags
  • Browser: Context menu: Select items with resource fork
  • Effects: Objective-Correction: Equalize Ton 2D
  • Rescale: Scale and Crop
  • Effect: Red Eye: Fix Animal Eye

Updated features

  • browser: additional display mode small list
  • localizations
  • export png: new dynamic filter for quick optimal filter selection
  • picture: size: social media: added additional presets matching Instagram requirements
  • prefs part slideshow/sound and music: option for playing a music file during a slideshow
  • simple rename supports rename with pdf title
  • set exif date from file name support parent folder name as option
  • dynamic desktop export supports h24 metadata tag
  • modernized file manager calls for many import, export, browser and batch conversion routines
  • slice rectangles are now stored as focus regions in the XMP metadata; this avoids the creation of a deprecated resource fork
  • PNG import supports eXIf chunk
  • options for copy filename to…
  • already improved compatibility with the forthcoming macOS 'Big Sur'
  • added new Resize menu for optimized access
  • Resize: added preview to Scale, Crop and Blur
  • updated XMP SDK to version 2020
  • creation of a new image from a frame of a movie with GPS will now retain the GPS
  • raw developer can default to last settings

Bug fixes

  • fixed crash with RAW developer on 10.11 or earlier
  • fixed possible issue during saving image for the web onto a network volume without trash support
  • fixed crash during fetching internal avi date of corrupted AVIs
  • fixed possible webp issue on 10.13 or earlier
  • fixed issue with text objects movement after add/remove margins
  • fixed possible time zone issues during settings movie date
  • fixed display issue in position palette after select all
  • fixed download bug from iDevices to external NAS drives
  • fixed rename issue if file contains only one Exif entry in the main directory
  • fixed issue in fit dialog