GraphicConverter 11.7 (build 5629), October 21, 2022

for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs with macOS 10.13 up to 13.x (Ventura)
(free update for all licensed customers of version 11.x)


  • You can download the update right from this dialogue.
  • The new version is also available in the download area of The download will be much faster there due to the available mirror servers.

New features

  • Menu General Metadata: Metadata Specifics: Delete Photoshop IPTCDigest
  • Menu Window: Option Change Tool for all open Windows
  • Menu Effect: HDR: Apply Gain Map
  • Menu Effect: HDR: Apply Gain Map…
  • Picture Context Menu: Show Gain Map
  • Import of INETLOC files with URL key
  • Menu View: Display with modified Gamma value
  • Menu Exif: Set Exif Date to: Seconds (EPOCH) from Filename…
  • Menu Exif: Set Exif Date to: Milliseconds from Filename…
  • Menu File: Browse Clouddrivces: Box Drive
  • Share: Open with GraphicConverter
  • Menu Exif: Software: Remove and XMP Creator Tool
  • Menu IPTC/XMP: XMP Specifics: Delete XMP Creator Tool and Exif Software
  • Menu GPS: Remove GPS and IPTC/XMP Origin
  • Menu Filter: Color Loop
  • Menu Effect: Sharpen: Super Resolution
  • Batch Action: Auto enhancement w/o red eye
  • Batch Action: Contrast Stretching
  • Slideshow: G opens a Go to dialog
  • Slideshow: Command G opens the image position in GoogleMaps
  • Import of preview of Aurora HDR files

Updated features

  • Caliper rule tool: option to clear comment
  • improved DPX import
  • Edit XMP metadata writes title and caption as pdf tags in addition
  • localizations
  • improved custom PDF page label import
  • Browser: Summary: support for tag: Sony Color Mode
  • Merged Picture:Colors and Picture:Color Mode into one menu
  • Slideshow: Command + R reveals the file in the Finder
  • Browser: manual renaming of a file will automatically rename any existing pair (i.e. JPG and CR2)
  • Resize: Scale: Algorithm selection for grayscale images
  • PICT import: support for old 15/16 bit uncompressed PICTs
  • Preferences: Folder: File operation for each folder can be defined individually
  • Preferences: General: Screens: option to preselect one screen for arrange command
  • Application file size optimizations
  • Face SDK updated
  • PDF SDK updated
  • Sparkle update framework updated
  • File list during slideshow can display the number of the file
  • support of shift-wheel for diameter adjustment of additional tools
  • Browser: optional display of manual sort index
  • Browser: quickscale supports longest/shortest side

Bug fixes

  • fixed possible error message upon Crop, Save&Next
  • fixed possible folder change issue after deletion in folder tree
  • fixed possible crash during GPX track creation
  • fixed possible truncation of date picker in browser search area
  • fixed possible copy issue with alpha channel
  • fixed possible issue of BMP import with BITFIELD compression
  • fixed save for web as webP issue
  • fixed pixel size issue during batch conversion of .3FR files
  • fixed possible issue during saving/opening APNG without alpha
  • fixed timing issue during reading/saving APNG
  • fixed possible crash during saving of SGI files with a large width
  • fixed cropping issue for animations with alpha channel
  • fixed gps detection in RWL files
  • fixed browser refresh issue
  • fixed Auto Convert issue to HEIC