GraphicConverter 12.0.1 (build 6075), April 20, 2023

for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs with macOS 10.13 up to 13.x (Ventura)
(free update for all licensed customers of version 12.x)


  • You can download the update right from this dialogue.
  • The new version is also available in the download area of The download will be much faster there due to the available mirror servers.

New features

  • Menu: File: Close without saving (is shown by pressing the control key)
  • Slideshow: option to record audio comments for an image (option has to be enabled in the prefs)
  • Menu: Slideshow: Save and Open State of paused Slideshow
  • Menu: General Metadata: Metadata specifics: Copy Date to Keys:CreationDate (only movie)
  • Menu: General Metadata: Metadata specifics: Delete Keys:CreationDate (only movie)
  • Menu: Edit: Multipage: various options for TIFF and PDF files
  • Export of OpenEXR

Updated features

  • PDF export: option for PDF version
  • Slideshow: support for selection of multiple background sounds
  • metadata support of MP4, MOV and M4V improved (read and write)
  • Browser: display of HDR for HEICs and MOVs with HDR content on macOS 11 or newer
  • ExifTool updated
  • dynaPDF updated
  • File: Browse… shows hidden files if this is active for the browser
  • Slideshow Prefs: next/previous image with scroll wheel option for inversion of direction
  • Browser: Paste GPS supports altitude as third string component
  • localizations: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Danish, Czech, Russian
  • Brush: draw transparent option
  • GPX import improved
  • Browser: improved display of thumbnails with alpha channel
  • Browser: support for playing mp3 and m4a
  • Slideshow: optional display of elapsed time improved
  • Preferences: Slideshow: reorganized
  • Batch Actions: Editor: option to duplicate an action
  • View: Virtual Lines: support for mm and inch
  • View: Submenu for direct selection of stored virtual lines set
  • AVIF export and import: support for 10 and 12 bit per channel and detection of HDR
  • import of PICT with RAW codec (on systems which no longer support this codec)
  • Browser Summary tab: support for SONY sequence length
  • option Copy Exif image description tag to comment (off by default)

Bug fixes

  • fixed rename issue in drop area
  • fixed issue with copy exif date from raws if sidecard jpg with different date exists
  • fixed issue with selection of saved juggler item
  • fixed issue with Finder Extension
  • fixed crash upon import of xmp data with a special malformed data
  • fixed selection issue in keyword palette with option check parent keywords
  • fixed browser folder alias display issue
  • fixed possible crash during dds export
  • fixed display issue after change of rating or label in slideshow
  • fixed possible crash with corrupt Exif data
  • fixed possible frame accuracy issue during MOV to animation conversion
  • fixed possible crash during MRC import
  • fixed refresh issue in hidden folders
  • fixed FITS issue