GraphicConverter 12.0.4 (build 6240), September 17, 2023

for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs with macOS 10.13 up to 14.x (Sonoma)
(free update for all licensed customers of version 12.x)


  • You can download the update right from this dialogue.
  • The new version is also available in the download area of The download will be much faster there due to the available mirror servers.

New features

  • Picture: Rotate: Rotate selection onto new layer and clear area
  • Finder Service: Set default XMP set
  • General Metadata: FITS: Edit Metadata
  • Edit: Selection: Deselect and Enlarge Image if necessary
  • Picture: Vector Elements: Create Line Object
  • Picture: Vector Elements: Create Ellipse Object
  • Picture: Vector Elements: Create Rectangle Object
  • Batch Action: Adaptive Threshold
  • Exif: Edit Exif: Common Values
  • Exif: Edit Exif: Lens Values
  • File: Specials: Save ICC color profile as…
  • Batch Action: Fit
  • File: Browse Preset
  • Batch Action: Hot Cold
  • File: Save Specials: Save all Slices as Images

Updated features

  • Save and Save as of an open image updates the metadata display in the information panel
  • selection of storing sRGB profile only as tag improved in the JPEG and WebP save as options
  • menu command which requires a newer macOS are disabled and marked
  • option to display ratio below the thumbnail in the browser added
  • ratio display in the information window improved
  • Preferences Browser: Edit - command 0 to 9 can be disabled
  • TIFFs with photometric interpretation linearized RAW get automatically a matching color profile assigned
  • support for mirroring non-rectangular selections
  • support for rotating non-rectangular selections
  • support for gpx with only rtept lines
  • Tools: rectangle, ellipse and rounded rectangle support line dash
  • support for alpha channel in unskew function
  • Edit: Convert to Profile: added support for black point compensation
  • GPS: Reverse Geotagging: allows directly selection of the used method
  • Edit IPTC/XMP dialogs: added support for hierarchical keywords
  • dynaPDF updated
  • Save: Split: option for saving only completely filled parts
  • improved progress bar in Apple GPX command
  • ExifTool updated
  • Sparkle updated
  • Batch Action: Change Color Mode: support for 32 bit per channel
  • improved wpg import
  • Exif: Modify Exif Date: Set Exif Time Zone: displays existing time zone of first selected file

Bug fixes

  • added workaround for crash upon import of some VueScan DNG variants (caused by the macOS)
  • fixed preview issue with some grayscale images in the browser
  • fixed quicklook issue with HEIC/JPEG with Exif orientation of 3
  • fixed issue with default map zoom
  • fixed possible crash upon reading very long metadata
  • fixed movie playing delay in slideshow
  • preview issue in rename dialog fixed
  • fixed possible hang upon launch of convert & modify in list view
  • fixed possible concat issue
  • fixed detection issue of JPEGs with non standard codec
  • fixed memory leak during combining folder into pdf
  • fixed batch conversion issue with bitmap.h file format
  • fixed position issue of vector elements after add/remove margins